Monday, June 2, 2008

Trouble - Here we come!

Chase, my adorable 8 month old boy, finally started crawling today!  He has been rocking on all fours and scooting about for awhile now but today was the first day he did an official crawl.  He only made it a few feet but he did it multiple times so I think it counts.  We'll see what he can do tomorrow when he isn't as tired.  I am so excited!!!

This opens a whole new world of trouble for us.  Pretty soon he is going to be opening drawers and cabinets and pulling up on things.  We have already started to childproof, which involved attempted purchases / installations of 4 or 5 baby gates before we found the correct one, many drawer clips, not all of which have been installed and a few of which don't work due to installation error, and door locks, which work amazingly well.  I'm sure all of this effort won't keep Chase out of everything and he will still manage to get into trouble or bonk his head on a few sharp corners but I guess that comes with childhood.

I'll be curious to see what the toddler age does to my perfect well behaved baby, who up to this point has only cried for more then 15 minutes 4 times in his life (I'm sure you don't believe me but I swear he is really that good).  Tonight he insisted on being rocked to sleep (which we never do) so I hope we aren't leaving our angel child phase and moving into a devil child phase but only time will tell.

I guess the question of the day is - Do perfect babies make perfect toddlers or are Boris and I in for a world of hurt?


Chance said...

Yay for Chase! This is so exciting! What a milestone!

hooli said...

congrats to chase.... next you'll find him on top of the fridge. (i'm not kidding.)