Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Blog is Moving!!!

I finally decided to combine this blog and my crafting blog into one new blog. So this blog will be going away shortly.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, June 15, 2009

My Life Has Gone Down The Toilet - Hooray!

Today was a big day in our household - forgive me for the details / subject but this is what my life has come to. Chase told me that he needed to poop and when I took him to the potty - HE ACTUALLY POOPED IN THE POTTY!!! It was our first potty success. Unfortunately about 3 minutes later he said "mommy poop again" and being the naive person that I am, I figured since he had already gone he didn't need to go again - but sure enough about 1 minute later he pooped again in his diaper. Overall I still consider the experience a success. We still aren't "officially" potty training yet, we just talk about it a lot and squeal in delight when we have successes, but I'm pretty sure the real thing is coming soon *GULP - SCARY*. It's sad how when you become a parent the highlight of your day is watching someone else take a crap.

The other way in which my life has gone down the toilet (forgive me for whining but I can't help myself) is that this morning I woke up and my joint pain was so bad and I was so stiff that I couldn't straighten my knees. I spent the entire day hobbling around like an old person and it made me very grouchy. *sigh* If it is chronic fatigue syndrome I am 1.5 years down, with about 1.5 years to go...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

40 Minutes Over That?!

Wow - two blog entries in a day!  I must be making up for lost time.

Yesterday Chase and I had quite the adventure.  When we were leaving daycare Chase started pitching the biggest fit!  I had to physically drag him in both arms out of daycare with him screaming down the halls (many a parent gave me the "I'm so glad that isn't me" look).  I hauled him to the car only to find that he was kicking and pinching me so much that I couldn't get him in his car seat.  So I sat and waited for about 10 minutes thinking that he would calm down - no such luck.  I had to push the kiddo into his car seat and he proceeded to cry the entire way home.  When we got home I put him in his crib where the tantrum continued for about 20 more minutes.  Chase finally calmed his body down after quite the marathon tantrum.  So I am sure you are asking yourself what could set off a 20 month year old and make them so mad as to warrant a 40 minute cry?  The answer...a pair of 2 inch little rubber toys, one fire truck and one train, that mean old mommy made Chase leave at daycare...

Being the ENORMOUS chump that I am, I went out and bought Chase some of them today because he loved them so much.  (We now have 90 tiny vehicles in case anyone needs any.)

Cookies for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Chase is an extremely picky eater. In fact he is vegetarian by his own choice (he won't touch a single type of meat). His favorite foods right now are tofu, edamame, olives, fruit, fries, and of course chocolate and Cheetos. Needless to say that since one of my paranoid mommy areas is him being "underweight" (in the 5th percentile) it bugs me when the kid won't eat ANYTHING for a meal. So I have recently implemented some trickery. Chase will often ask for cookies for a meal so I have started feeding him Clif bars and calling them cookies. Using this fabulous trick I am able to sneak 250 calories worth of protein and other fortified goodness into my skinny kiddo. I wonder what we will have to resort to next...

In other Chase news, now that we are planning on moving, I have been dreaming about decorating Chase's toddler room. I've decided that we are going for an ULTRA modern loft styled room. I want to do it in orange and white with maybe lime green accents. I think I want to paint a thick orange stripe in a white room and then paint white construction trucks in the orange stripe. Here are some of the things I am pondering purchasing....

This table and chair set comes in orange

I love this trundle bed

PS. After browsing through my blog recently I realized ALL of my entries are about Chase so I have decided to make the effort to start blogging about other things as well. I think the rest of my life just isn't that exciting (work, cleaning, illness, etc)...especially since my crafting has its own blog.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hard Not to Laugh

Here are some pictures from the other day of my sister, her daughter, and Chase... but the part of this entry worth reading is at the bottom...

The other day after bath for some reason Chase decided that he didn't want to put his diaper or PJs on.  The result was the most spectacular tantrum Chase has had yet.  He was screaming and crying and flopping around so much that Boris and I just couldn't get his diaper on him.  So I picked him up and took him to his room and put him in his crib and told him that when he calmed down we would get in our PJs and go watch Thomas before bed.  Completely naked, Chase proceeded to grab on to the crib bars and he started jumping up and down while screaming and crying.  I could hardly stand it, it was so funny, do you think you could have contained yourself?  I really should have gotten out the camera and taken pictures...