Saturday, June 7, 2008


We are officially no longer white trash...

Boris and I had been growing a weed bed at the corner of our yard and the weeds were becoming amazing large in size.  They were almost up to my waist!  So today Boris and Graham did the amazing task of pulling out all of the weeds, 
cleaning up the bed, planting new bushes, and putting in mulch.  It looks like it was professionally done and  I am no longer ashamed of our front yard.  We even had a neighbor that lives across the street come and examine the new bushes.  He seemed very happy - I'm sure he was thinking "about bleeping time the neighbors cleaned up their bleeping yard."

I think I want to get some kind of flower bed decoration now (which makes me feel very domestic).  Perhaps some kind of wire / glass globe like thing or some kind of cool statue of sorts.  I may even get a few flower planters and put them out with the bushes so that it appears like we have a garden (but without the hassle of weeding).

In other news - a quick health update - I am very excited that my results came back negative so I can rule out MS.  I still feel like crap and my temperature has reached triple digits this week but at least it isn't MS!!!!  YAY!!!


suburbanbrunette said...

as one of your bleeping neighbors, I have to say it was never that bad. but it looks great, now. would love to go landscape shopping with you... have you been to tagawa?

Chance said...

It looks great! I love it! Do the guys do decks? HA!