Sunday, June 29, 2008

Return from Geekfest

We have finally returned home...

We are back from Ohio and we are all exhausted but overall the trip went really well.  Chase was as well behaved as he could have been and it looks like he just cut his first tooth today!  The convention was a blast and we all played many games and ended up buying tons of stuff.  What more could you want out of a vacation?  I guess sleep was the only think lacking from our fun little trip.  Staying up all night playing games and then getting up with a 9 month old every morning left Boris and I in pretty bad shape today.

A few things thoughts about this trip:
- I swear we are at the peak of the "massive amounts of stuff for your kid" phase.  We were only gone for four days and Chase needed two suitcases and a diaper bag!  It was ridiculous!
- Never vacation without back up baby watchers!  Boris and I realized that it was almost more work having Chase on vacation then it would have been keeping him at home.  Thankfully we had my mom, dad, and Graham who supplied amazing baby sitting services during the trip.  I swear I will never travel alone.
- The crappy thing about vacation is all of the chores that you have to do when you get home.
- My tolerance for cleanliness went way down on vacation.  Chase was busy crawling all over gross hotel room floors and eating off dirty tables and I couldn't have cared less.  We stimulated his immune system quite a bit this weekend.
- My 9 month old son is a pre-vert.  During the trip we caught him rubbing one of our cute waitress's butt while at dinner.  *sigh*

Although I did have fun, it is so nice to be home...below are some pictures from the trip.

There was a vendor selling funny hats and I thought this was hilarious...

I made Graham pose for a true geek picture.

Dad and Graham played so many new games!

Here is a bad picture of all of us out to dinner.

Here is a picture of Chase playing, he loved pulling up on the rails at the convention center.

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