Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Who ever knew that tofu was so delicious...

I recently went out with one of my vegetarian friends (a true vegetarian not a fishatarian) and we went to a Chinese restaurant and split the sesame tofu. I am totally hooked! I even made tofu at our Memorial day BBQ and I ordered it again for dinner tonight. Considering that I am such a picky eater I never imagined that I would enjoy a food as odd as tofu. Granted it doesn't have much flavor so there isn't really much to dislike. I think I will have to hunt down some good tofu recipes.

In other food news, I've started yet another diet. I feel like I start one every day and never succeed in sticking to it. I just love food way too much but I am determined to drop the last few baby pounds that I have left. Every day I say to Boris "Today is a good day to start a diet it is (fill in the blank here)..."

The blanks can include:
a Monday
the first day of the month
the middle of the week
the day after a holiday
etc etc etc

What I really need to do is give up dieting and get back to exercising. Maybe as soon as I feel better I will actually start doing that.


jessieg said...
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jessieg said...

One word: Yoga. It's so good for you. I was doing headstands and had some crazy muscles when I was doing it.

Chance said...

Start the diet Friday...the day after our "Kate Date" and then re-start it next Friday...the day after our next "Kate Date"

andi rawks said...

I've been wanting to try tofu for a looong time.. I don't think it's a taste thing because it could take on any flavor you give it but more of a texture challenge... one day though I will try it !!

You should get a Wii and get Wii Fit !! my sister has one and I'm in love with it! It truly is a workout when you get into it!!