Saturday, May 24, 2008

Not Enough Hours in the Day

Life has been so busy lately that there never seems to be enough time...

My day was entirely too hectic - and here it is 10:30 pm and I am still awake even though I am so tired that I feel like a zombie. I think I am going to collapse.

Chase woke up bright and early as always. Boris was very kind and got up with him so that I could sleep in a bit. That was the only relaxing part of my day. The rest of the day looked as follows:

- 8:30 am: Get out of bed and shower
- Feed and dress Chase
- Eat Bagels (Courtesy of Graham Delivery Service - Which I must say is an excellent service)
- Pack up two bags worth of baby stuff that Chase will require throughout the day
- 11:30 am: Drop Chase at Grandma's house
- Go to a car dealership and purchase a car for Boris (a new white Lexus)
- Realize that the car won't be ready in time for our next planned event because they need to put a clear bra on it still
- 4:30 pm: Rush to the Pavilions in a loaner car to catch the new Indian Jones movie with my dad and cousin (which was very fun and included gorging on unhealthy junk food)
- Go back to Grandma's house to hang with Chase while Boris and Graham pick up the newly purchased car
- Eat a rushed dinner of a few slices of pizza once everyone is back at my parent's house
- 8:30 pm: Take Chase home and put him down for bed
- Put Chase down for bed multiple times as he is rather over excited and over tired
- Freak out about all the things I still need to get done
- Put outlet covers on all the outlets because I'm overly stressed and even though this task can wait I know that getting it done will make me feel a little better
- 10 pm: Send Boris and Graham to Walmart to buy baby proofing supplies
- Pick up the house and wash the bottles
- Blog while I am waiting for Boris and Graham to get back
- 10:45 pm: Eat unhealthy McDonalds that Boris and Graham picked up on the way home
- Hopefully very soon: Collapse in bed...(hopefully tomorrow will be a calmer day)

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