Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bright Eyes

It's way to early to be awake...

But since Chase decided that it was time for us all to get up I figured I would do a little blogging.  I thought that I would share my favorite poem (by Lawrence Ferlinghetti).


That 'sensual phosphorescence
                                                   my youth delighted in'

    now lies almost behind me
                                                   like a land of dreams
                 wherein an angel
                                           of hot sleep
            dances like a diva
                                         in strange veils
                  thru which desire
                                             looks and cries

And still she dances
                                dances still

       and still she comes
                                     at me
                                               with breathing breasts
            and secret lips

                                   and (ah)

                                               bright eyes

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