Friday, May 16, 2008

Old Soul

I am 26 going on 40...or maybe 60...and on some days 80...

I have often been told that I have an old soul but yesterday was one of those days that really highlighted my ancient personality.

26...going on 30
Work was insanely exhausting yesterday. There was the usual list of random requests that came in during the day but the thing that made me feel beyond my years was having to deal with some HR issues that came up. I think it was one of the most emotionally exhausting things I have ever done and I left work feeling like a grump.

30...going on 35
After an insane day at work I went to pick up Chase and as we were driving home one of my neighbors was outside her house. So I pulled up next to her house to have a "drive up" conversation. There is something about pulling up in an SUV into my very suburban neighborhood with a carseat and kiddo in the back seat that really made me feel those extra years. I don't think I ever imagined that my life would involve suburban mom chats with the neighbors!

35...going on 40
Last night Boris had a gig up in Boulder at the Fox Theater. Which I must say ended up being pretty darn cool. Unfortunately, last night as I was picking up the house and feeding Chase and trying to get ready for the night all I could think was "Wow! This is a pain in the ass! I can't believe I am staying out so late! I have to get up early tomorrow for work! Grump, Grump, Grump, I'm too old to be out on a week night!"

40...going on 45
The baby sitter arrives, who happens to be my mom's best friend's daughter. For some reason she is still stuck in my head as the 8 year old that I used to play with but now she is an amazingly beautiful woman who is getting married this summer!

45...going on 50
We get to the show which happens to be a blast but after about 1 hour of standing my muscles and joints start to ache. By the end of the night I was practically hobbling out the door. So here I am limping my tired sorry butt out of the venue and the main act of the show hasn't even started! Not to mention that during the multiple hours of standing that I did I had the joy of watching slim energetic college girls shake their hot bods all over a dance floor.

50...going on...and on
We arrive home and I hardly have enough energy to get ready to sleep but I collapse into bed and as I am drifting off I think to myself:  "I may have an old soul but at least I am married to a rock star, I have an amazing new tattoo, and I have one of the world's cutest babies" - That thought made me feel better and I was out.


Chance said...

I laughed my bum off as I read this! You're right, at least your married to a rock star, have a new tattoo, and one of the world's cutest babies! You make being a mom in suburbia sound wild and exotic. I just have a one of the world's cutest tattoos...but Andy is getting better at Rock Band.

jessieg said...

At least you have the kid and rocker husband. I got nothing and am ancient. Tonight we ate no-no McDonald's for dinner and the room was full of girls in short shorts and tiny tops and guys with their pants hanging down. And I thought, one day, I'm going to have one of those?! Seriously?! I haven't even started the parenting thing and I'm already tired!

You and Chance do have the cutest babies. Mine will probably look like a monkey.