Monday, May 19, 2008

My New Ride

I can't believe I bought a new car...

I have been really impulsive lately, first the tattoo, now a new car!  I suspect that I am finally adjusting to motherhood and I am ready to try something new.  This my be my subconscious way of telling myself that I need some change or excitement in my life.   As if being a mom isn't exciting enough.  But I do LOVE my new car.  Isn't it cute?  Although no matter how cute it is I wonder if it was worth the pain of car shopping.

So Saturday afternoon Boris, Chase, and I went to my cousin's graduation / birthday party.  It was delightful and at the end of it my mom offered to watch the little guy for a few hours.  Being the planner that I am I figured it would make sense to test drive cars since my lease is up in two months and it was time to start thinking about a new car.

We first we went to a Volkswagen dealer and looked at their newest SUV but once we found out the price we were not very interested in test driving.  So we decided to move on to a Saturn dealership.  My original plan was to lease a Mazda CX-7 but I wanted to test drive the new Saturn Vue to have something to compare the Mazda to.

Well after driving the Vue I fell in love with the car...and of course there was a great incentive on the car - a $3,000 rebate.  So we haggled with the car guy for awhile and finally we settle on a deal...but of course we have to get back to the house to get Chase before our dinner plans so we decide to sign the paperwork another day (but we did leave a rather massive down payment check).  Upon returning home I decided to get on the internet to check out a bit more about the car and I realized that they make a FWD version of the car.  So we call the dealership to make sure we were looking at the AWD version (because who wants a FWD SUV?!).  It turns out we in fact had driven a FWD car and that the AWD car was more expensive.

After a small panic attack and many phone calls we were able to find another car that was very similar except that it didn't have leather seats and it was AWD.  We went back to the dealership today and test drove that car and ended up purchasing it.  I now have myself a very nice shiny new car!  Woohoo!  The best part is that I won't have to car shop for many years now.


jessieg said...

New car high is the best. I'm still smitten with Black Beauty after almost 3 years. We're due for another car soon too. Jonathan's car is two wheels in the car grave yard. Not sure what we'll get. It will need to be a bigger car than BB though. I loved your Murano.

Chance said...

Love it! Can't wait to see it in person. I love cars! It is a very manly passion that I have. I already have my next two cars picked I'm thinking electric blue FJ(what can you really do after solar yellow), then an Armada. Your new car needs a name. Andy calls my car the yellow submarine...not in love with the name but unfortunately over time it has stuck.