Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight - On the Big Screen

Last night I did something very out of character and I stayed up and went to the 12:01 showing of the movie Twilight.  It was very fun - although it did remind me why I usually try to avoid movies swarming with young girls - and it also made me wonder "what are some parents thinking letting a kid that young out on a school night?!" (I mean there were like 7 year olds there).

I am a complete Twilight addict and I loved the books so of course the movie was a little disappointing.  It was okay but I think they had a hard time capturing Bella and Edward's relationship.  In the book the relationship starts out a bit uncomfortable and awkward but as the book progresses it grows in to a really close intimate relationship where the two characters really understand and know each other and do fall in love.  In the movie I felt like they were "trying too hard / acting too much" which made everything feel a little too forced and the relationship never grew past the uncomfortable stage for me.  Also, I think Bella's character seemed too fearful which was not something that I really picked up about her in the book.  I would also say they missed the boat a little bit with a couple of the other characters and relationships but it is hard to fit all of that into a movie.  This is the problem with reading a book and then seeing a movie - it is just too hard to fit all of that character development into 2 hours.

I was also a little disappointed in some of the casting choices (specifically for Edward)...

But for all my complaining I'm glad I went, I had a great time and overall the movie was okay.


Chance said...

I completely agree with you. Hollywood cannot capture the true essence of Bella and Edward's love for each other. I enjoyed going, but the books are much better.

jessieg said...

I thought the movie was too serious. The thing I loved most about Bella and Edward is that they can be lighthearted with each other because they are comfortable with each other. I thought they did a great job capturing just how hard it was for Edward not to kill her and for him to quit drinking her blood at the end. Have you read the Midnight Sun draft? I felt like the movie drew a lot from that rather than Twilight, but they took out my favorite scene where Bella passes out in Biology when they are blood typing.