Sunday, November 30, 2008

Snow! (...or bubbles...)

Chase played in the snow for the first time yesterday.   He still calls it bubbles and he was much more interested in the rocks than the actual snow but it was really cute.  I don't think he really understood what to do in it...

Other cute things Chase has been doing lately:
- He will look at me before he does something he knows he shouldn't do (like feed his food to the dogs) and he will shake his finger at me and say "no no no" and then do whatever he was going to do anyways
- He carries around our iPhones like a boom box and dances to the music
- When he reads the Spot book every time we lift a tab that Spot isn't under he shouts "NO!"
- He has stinky little boy feet and one of his favorite games is smelling his feet and saying "EWWWW"

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jessieg said...

Oh my god! How cute is Chase. I love that he smells his feet! Little boyz are the bestest.