Monday, November 24, 2008

Build a Bear

Last weekend, Boris, Graham, and I took Chase to the Build-a-Bear workshop so that he could pick out a bear.  We went in and showed Chase all of the different bears.  To Boris' horror Chase did indeed fall in love with a bear - it just happened to be the pink bear with hearts all over it.  No matter how many times we tried to convince him to pick another bear, he kept going back to the pink bear.  He would hug it and snuggle it and whack away any other bear we showed him.  We even took him to the section with the dressed up bears and he still managed to find the only pink heart bear in the bunch.

Graham and I tried to convince Boris to get the pink bear but he just couldn't do it...the only other bear that Chase showed any interest in was a neon blue bear with silver sparkles in its fur... Needless to say, we left the workshop without a bear... 

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