Thursday, September 25, 2008

1 Year

Today was Chase's 1 year birthday...

I can't believe how fast it has gone by.  It feels like we were in the hospital with him just yesterday.  I feel so lucky to be Chase's mom - there really isn't anything that can compare to a mother's love.

Some of my favorite things about the last year:
- Delivery itself - it was so exciting and amazing
- Holding Chase for the very first time
- Chase's tiny hands and feet
- The way Chase buries his face against me when he is giving me hugs
- Chase's open mouth kisses
- The Yum Yum dance
- Checking on Chase while he sleeps
- All of the firsts - rolling, crawling, walking, words, waving, etc.
- Naked baby after a bath
- Chase's soft fluffy hair
- The way babies smell
- How Chase loves tags more than anything else
- Watching my parents with Chase
- Pretty much just about everything!

I can't imagine going back to life before Chase....

1 comment:

Chance said...

Isn't it funny what we cherish most in our children. I can so relate you what you love...things only a mother would understand. I love that you have documented these special things. It goes so fast that if we don't record these moments they slip away.

One year! Some much happens in one year! What a treasure! Chase is so blessed to have such loving parents! He is going to be so successful in this world with such a strong foundation!

Watching them grow up is bitter miss what they used to do, but so look forward to what they do or learn next! Kids are miracles!