Thursday, September 18, 2008

Family Night Out

Boris, Chase, and I had some quality family time on Tuesday. We went to the mall and ate soft pretzels followed by a trip to The Counter for milk shakes, ham and cheese sandwiches, fries, onion strings, and sweet potatoe fries. It wasn't exactly a nutrious night but we had a lot of fun. Chase loves going for walks and being outside now so he enjoyed the new outdoor addition to Park Meadows. Boris and I also ended up investing in some new fleece lined Crocs (which Boris likes to refer to as Cr-Ugs). They are amazing! I highly recommend them to everyone - it is well worth the money.

Cute Chase Update: Chase's favorite word right now is Uh-Oh! He doesn't exactly use it right - just about everything is UH-OOHHHHHHH! It is adorable! He is also getting so close to walking! Yesterday he took 4 close...

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jessieg said...

why does this look familiar?! oh, i know, i've been there. haha. that'll always be the place that gave me twilight. i'll try to put up the rest of my reviews this weekend. i was with you on the second book. i was so mad. jacob is no substitute of edward!