Monday, May 4, 2009

Restore-a-Finish / Potty Mouth

This weekend while getting our house ready to sell I discovered one of the most amazing products! It is called Restore-a-Finish (but I hardly think the name does it justice - half way through the day we started referring to it as "Jesus Juice"). It is a $7 bottle that will remove any scratch, fading finish, or other issues on wooden surfaces. We did our kitchen cabinets along with every door in the house and everything looks new. I am not exaggerating - the stuff is AMAZING (if you saw it on a late night infomericial you would think they were full of ****)! It even took out the dog scratches all over the doors. The best part is how easy the stuff is to use - you just wipe it on and then wipe it off and you are done! No removing hardware or cabinet doors or anything. Like I said - amazing stuff - this is by far one of my new favorite products.

In other news, Chase has officially inherited my potty mouth. I definately have a tendency to curse a lot... I have been trying to do better around Chase but this weekend we caught Chase (on numerous occasions) banging his toys on the floor or wall and saying "Damn It Damn It Damn It". It is terrible - definately not a pride mommy moment - and it usually takes all my self-control not to laugh. I am trying to shift him to saying "Oh Goodness!" or "Goodness Gracious" which is hilarious when he says it but we haven't been that sucessful yet. He has been saying other funny things as well such as "I found it!" and "All better" - very cute.

PS. Lately Chase has been in a "mommy" phase where he always wants me - it is so nice when that happens - I always feel so loved. I'm sure we will shift back to a daddy phase soon but I am enjoying it while it lasts.

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hooli said...

Good to know! Will go out and get some, because we all know I have some serious need for heyseuss juice!