Sunday, May 31, 2009

Can I Have Too Many Bags?

Yesterday Boris went to the outlets to return some shoes that were giving him blisters and while he was there he saw that Coach was having a HUGE sale (everything was on sale with an additional 50% off the sale price).  So needless to say Boris couldn't pass up the opportunity so I ended up with the below fabulous Coach bag.  I am very excited about it but between all the bags I already own and the new ones I have been making I am starting to feel like I have too many!  Is there such a thing?

Also since I never did a recap of my amazing 5 year anniversary trip here it is...

Boris and I went to the Broadmoor for our first night away from Chase - it ended up going well and we had an amazing time.  The Spa was incredible and it was nice to just relax.  I think I may have even hooked Boris on massages.  Everyone was so nice there!  The only negative side effect is that ever since our trip Chase has been super needy and he cries whenever anyone leaves...

Here is the bracelet Boris got me for our anniversary.

In parenting news Chase recently had his first time out.  It looked something like this:

- Chase hits mommy (repeatedly)
- Mommy sits Chase on a stool where he flops about and whines
- When we calms down we talk about what happened and why he had to sit on the stool
- Chase gets out of timeout and says "NO HIT MOMMY" and proceeds to whack me again
- Chase ends up back in time out
- Repeat the last two steps for about 20 minutes
- Chase finally apologizes to Mommy and the hitting stops
- The next day Chase walks by the timeout stool and says "No hit mommy"
- Later that day Chase walks by the timeout stool and says "No hit mommy" he then proceeds to find me and whack me
- Chase is back in the timeout stool
- At this point Chase began trying to "get out" of time out but mommy was always there waiting to put him back in...the power struggles have begun - I just hope I can keep winning...
- Now the last stair in our house is also a timeout place because Chase is apparently in a hitting phase (he has tried to hit the dogs, Uncle, Daddy, Mommy, etc. and much to his annoyance he finds himself in timeout every time he hits)

Last but not least - a house update.

We have had two open houses and a bunch of showings - now I think we are just waiting for the right buyer.  Very exciting, although I will say that selling a house is a huge pain!!!  Here is the house that we plan on buying if ours ever sells.  I've already started having fantasies about custom closet shelving, a non-hazardous second floor, a nice backyard, a craft room / playroom area, decorating Chase's toddler room, etc.


Chance said...

Love the timeout story! & so it begins...but I bet he will be better than AJ by a long shot.

hooli said...

That time out story is hysterical.

Also, should I break up with you now? Or when you have your dream house and I'm green with envy. snif snif.

Karen said...

Ahhh timeouts! We too have started them - Avery loves to jump/ride/tackle our poor dog - that is where his started. Good luck with the house!!!!!! Sounds exciting!