Thursday, February 5, 2009

Adorable Chase Moments

I've been neglecting blogging lately so here are a few updates from the past few weeks.  Mainly it is just a list of cute baby moments so I don't forget them later...(hopefully I haven't already listed all of these in previous entries).

1)  The other day when Chase woke up (in our bed) he stood up on the bed looked down at us and said "Tall!"  (He normally wakes us up by saying "baby all done" or "uh oh")
2)  Chase is getting close to being able to count to 10!  If we say one he will say "two" and then if you ask what is after two sometimes you get a "three" - he never really gets four or five but he does much better with 6 - 10.  (Two is by far his favorite number,  if you give him something he likes he always asks for "two" so he can have one in each hand.)
3)  Chase has started singing along with songs.  If you sing "Row row row your boat" sometimes he will chime in with "gently down the stream", other times he picks up at the "Merrily merrily merrily".
4)  Chase is currently a fruit snack addict.  He knows where we hide them and ALWAYS asks for "snacks".  The only thing that can deter him from snacks is chocolate.
5)  Chase has been in a phase where he keeps trying to feed people which usually involves him cramming soggy food bits into your mouth (and in Graham's case it often involves Chase trying to feed Graham dairy products and Graham trying to avoid them as not to die from eating them)
6)  Chase has been LOVING bath time lately, if you even mention a bath he starts running up stairs and tries to climb into the tub.
7)  Chase is still in love with Sponge Bob, balls, and pushing trucks and cars around.
8)  Chase has been trying to jump lately which is just hilarious to watch.
9)  Everything is still "Uncle Uncle Uncle" around our house - Chase does love his uncle Graham.

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