Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Purple Hippo

This year for Hanukkah Boris and I gave Chase a giant purple hippo rocking chair...

He was really excited when we first brought it out and he stamped his feet and squealed in delight while we opened it.

Once the hippo was open it was a different story...
Chase was terrified of it and was shouting "No! No! No!" - below is a picture of him trying to crawl into my lap to escape the hippo.

After a few minutes of terror he finally adjusted to the hippo and was willing to give it hugs and pats but would NOT sit on it.

But for some unknown reason this morning Chase decided that he was over his fear of the hippo and decided to take him for a ride.  He loves it and he giggles while he rocks on it.

Just wait until he opens the giant purple hippo matching chair tomorrow morning!

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