Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mo Mo the Fish

Here is my second blog for the day (I must admit the first one was more exciting but I thought it was important to include our new pet update).

Boris and I were originally talking about getting Chase a fish tank for Christmas but we couldn't come to an agreement about what size tank to get - I wanted a practical 3 gallon tank and Boris wanted a HUGE tank.  Since we couldn't agree on what to get we kind of gave up on the idea.

But then yesterday on a whim, Boris and I bought Chase a Beta fish since it seemed like a good cheap and "easy to care for" solution.  Boris decided to name the fish Mo Mo.

Chase loves Mo Mo and whenever the fish is hiding in the plant or not visible Chase shouts "Mo Mo All Gone?!"  It is very cute.  Sometimes he stands below the fireplace pointing at the tank saying "Mo Mo".

PS - Graham recently left to go visit his family for Christmas and poor Chase has been missing him.  He keeps saying "Uncle? All gone?  Uncle?  Uncle?"  It's really cute...

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