Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Exactly a Shinning Motherhood Moment

If Cheetos are good, and chocolate is good, what can be better than chocolate on Cheetos???

Poor Chase caught whatever horrible illness Boris and I are still recovering from - only he also got the vomiting variation.  I felt so bad for him with his little baby fever that I decide (in one of my weak mommy moments) that Chase having juice, apple, bread, Cheetos, and cake with chocolate frosting for dinner was some how acceptable.  I know I know, like I said, not my best moment...

Anyways, about half way through enjoying his meal, while Boris was doing the dishes, we turned around to catch Chase dipping his Cheetos in the left over chocolate frosting on his high chair tray - EWWWW.  He then sighed a huge sigh looked at us and said "YUMMY!!!" (see, being sick isn't ALL bad when you're 17 months old).  Boris later pointed out that if Chase throws up again it will be rather spectacular considering his dinner.

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