Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Blog Neglect

I have decided that Boris and I probably have way too much going on right now! Granted I think we are both the type of people that like to stay busy. That being said I will probably be neglecting all of my pages for the next few weeks. I must say - Thank goodness for all of the babysitting help we receive or we would never be able to maintain our crazy is some of what we have on our plate:

The "Must Dos"
- Work...Unfortunately both Boris and I have full time jobs that need to be attended to
- Chase Wrangling (Feeding, Changing, Bathing, Clipping Nails, etc)
- Quality Chase Time (Parks, Zoos, Reading, Playing, etc)
- Dog and Fish Care
- Visit with family (I guess this isn't a must do but for my personal happiness it is...)

The "I Probably Should Dos"
- Clean the house (which occasionally ends up in the "I Never Have Time To Dos")
- Go to the doctor and deal with my medical issues
- Get some sleep

The "Makes A Normal Life Insanely Busy Dos" - Why do I have so many of these?!?!?
- Maintaining a zillion websites (family page, three blogs, Etsy page, Facebook pages, etc)
- Writing an iPhone application
- Preparing for a Craft Fair (an other crafting adventures)
- Boris is in a band
- Handmaking gifts for people
- Getting together with friends

The "I Never Have Time To Dos" - Which makes me feel guilty...
- Cook
- Go to the Dentist (Which should be in the "I Must Dos" but that is regularly avoided)
- Exercise
- Care about my appearence (When was my last haircut?! Manicure - who needs those? You mean clothes should get washed regularly and should be in style???)
- Get enough sleep
- Read
- Watch TV (I want to watch all the Lost and Battlestar Galactic seasons but I hardly ever have time to watch anything!)

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Chance said...

Amen! I know the too damn busy feeling!