Monday, August 4, 2008

Movie Star Crush

I have a new movie star crush...

Boris, Graham, and I went to see The Dark Knight this weekend - it is REALLY good - I may even have to see it again it!  After seeing the movie I realized I totally have a movie star crush on Christian Bale - for some reason I had never realized how incredibly hot he is!  I think Boris is a bit bothered by my crush since I don't ooh and ahh over hot guys very often (I must have caught him off guard).

So after Googling Christian Bale and reviewing some of the movies he has been in I decided that I wanted to see the movie American Psycho (which I had heard was good).  Boris and I watched it last night and wow is that a disturbing movie.  It wasn't as bloody or gross as I expected but it sure was a mind job!  I've heard the book is even more gruesome so I doubt I will check it out...

Anyways, I thought maybe today I would share some pictures of some of my favorite hot actors in case anyone cares =)

Christian Bale 

Gale Harold

Jason Lewis

David Boreanaz

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