Sunday, November 30, 2008

Snow! (...or bubbles...)

Chase played in the snow for the first time yesterday.   He still calls it bubbles and he was much more interested in the rocks than the actual snow but it was really cute.  I don't think he really understood what to do in it...

Other cute things Chase has been doing lately:
- He will look at me before he does something he knows he shouldn't do (like feed his food to the dogs) and he will shake his finger at me and say "no no no" and then do whatever he was going to do anyways
- He carries around our iPhones like a boom box and dances to the music
- When he reads the Spot book every time we lift a tab that Spot isn't under he shouts "NO!"
- He has stinky little boy feet and one of his favorite games is smelling his feet and saying "EWWWW"

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Love of Crocs

Chase is in love with Crocs...

Every time we go by the Croc cart at a mall he points at the Crocs and asks for more and cries when we leave.  He has also taken up the habit of carrying our Crocs around the house.  The most recent adorable Croc loving thing that Chase has started doing is that every morning he puts on Boris' Crocs.  It is adorable.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Build a Bear

Last weekend, Boris, Graham, and I took Chase to the Build-a-Bear workshop so that he could pick out a bear.  We went in and showed Chase all of the different bears.  To Boris' horror Chase did indeed fall in love with a bear - it just happened to be the pink bear with hearts all over it.  No matter how many times we tried to convince him to pick another bear, he kept going back to the pink bear.  He would hug it and snuggle it and whack away any other bear we showed him.  We even took him to the section with the dressed up bears and he still managed to find the only pink heart bear in the bunch.

Graham and I tried to convince Boris to get the pink bear but he just couldn't do it...the only other bear that Chase showed any interest in was a neon blue bear with silver sparkles in its fur... Needless to say, we left the workshop without a bear... 

Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight - On the Big Screen

Last night I did something very out of character and I stayed up and went to the 12:01 showing of the movie Twilight.  It was very fun - although it did remind me why I usually try to avoid movies swarming with young girls - and it also made me wonder "what are some parents thinking letting a kid that young out on a school night?!" (I mean there were like 7 year olds there).

I am a complete Twilight addict and I loved the books so of course the movie was a little disappointing.  It was okay but I think they had a hard time capturing Bella and Edward's relationship.  In the book the relationship starts out a bit uncomfortable and awkward but as the book progresses it grows in to a really close intimate relationship where the two characters really understand and know each other and do fall in love.  In the movie I felt like they were "trying too hard / acting too much" which made everything feel a little too forced and the relationship never grew past the uncomfortable stage for me.  Also, I think Bella's character seemed too fearful which was not something that I really picked up about her in the book.  I would also say they missed the boat a little bit with a couple of the other characters and relationships but it is hard to fit all of that into a movie.  This is the problem with reading a book and then seeing a movie - it is just too hard to fit all of that character development into 2 hours.

I was also a little disappointed in some of the casting choices (specifically for Edward)...

But for all my complaining I'm glad I went, I had a great time and overall the movie was okay.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Holiday Rush

Based on blogs and emails it sounds like everyone I know is basking in holiday cheer - for some reason the holidays don't have quite the same effect on me....

To me the holidays are crowds at the malls, massive lists of things that need to get done, and dates that creep up on me way faster than they should. It's only mid-November and I'm already freaking out about how I need to reserve a turkey and ham for Thanksgiving, how I need to start / finish Christmas shopping, whether nor not I should make holiday cookies or holiday cards this year, how I'm going to make this year special for Chase, how I need to decorate, how we are going to budget for the extra holiday spending, what outfit Chase is going to wear for the holidays, what silly gift I should pick up for the work events that I don't really want to participate in because all the stress from things that came earlier in the above list make me a bit grumpy, etc, etc, etc. Needless to say the holidays bring out the absolute worst in my OCD - there are so many self-inflicted obligations to fill and so many lists to make, it could make a girl go crazy!

So for all of you out there with holiday cheer - take pity on us poor OCD, type A, overachieving, stress balls who always take on too much... We all know that we need to just take chill pills and that all of the above can be avoided but we just can't help ourselves... it's the way we are...

Friday, November 14, 2008


Today was Chase's first snow (well first snow that he was aware enough to understand). Boris took him outside this morning and I guess Chase started shouting "Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles!" Boris tried to correct him and say "No that's snow" and Chase would say "No Bubbles!!!!" How adorable. I guess he was quite taken with the snow - especially letting it fall on his little face. I can't wait until we get enough snow that he can play in it! How exciting.

PS. Babies in winter coats and hats are the cutest thing ever.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes We Can! Hooray for Obama!

Today is a good day... Obama won the election!

This year was quite an exciting voting year for my little family. I think this is the most engaged I have ever been in an election and it was certainly the most engaged Boris has ever been (he voted for the first time!!!!) - and even better, what an exciting first election for Chase - granted he won't remember it but that's okay we can tell him stories about it.

Today I am proud to be an American, I am proud to be from Colorado - which voted democratic this year, I am proud that we finally have an African American president, and I am hopeful for a better future for Chase. I can't wait to see what a little change will bring...

PS. Health Update: I had a CT Scan of my abdomen done this morning...the stuff I had to drink was aweful - there is nothing like waking up at 5 am to drink a bunch of chemicals that make you want to vomit for 2 hours before being stabbed with a needle for an IV so that they can inject additional radioactive stuff into your body before they scan you. (I'm a bit grouchy this morning if you couldn't tell - not even the election result glow can completely balance out my bummer of a morning - maybe if my stomach would stop grumbling I would feel better.)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We had a great Halloween last night!  Chase was a penguin and he went trick or treating for the first time.  He loved being able to get the candy out of the buckets and he especially liked shaking the little box of nerds that he got.  After trick or treating we went back to the house and played the new guitar hero.  Chase loved the music and danced all night long!  He does love to shake his booty...